How to get a subsidy to debtors for communal: all the details

Как получить субсидию должникам за коммуналку: все подробности

The Ukrainians, who have debts for utility services can also count on receiving a subsidy. However, it is only those citizens who are in court to prove the debt. In case of delay in payment for more than a month in the amount of 1400 UAH, the subsidy will not prescribe. This was described in detail in the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine on his page in Facebook, answering a question of the citizens.

Only paying the debt for utilities or signing an agreement on restructuring, since the beginning of the heating period you will be eligible for a grant. You can also count on payments from the state in the case of recourse debt in a judicial order. The Commission of local authorities, taking into account different circumstances, decides on the appointment or denial of appointment of subsidies.

The account of debts in Ukraine are specifically utilities (service providers).

C recently, with the appointment of subsidies were also taken into account the income of spouses regardless of their place of registration. We are talking about citizens under the age of 60, who live in the city.

According to Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk, in the Treasury enough money to ensure that all discounted payments for housing and communal services for the heating season, therefore, subject to all conditions no one specifically to cut Ukrainians and to deprive them of their legitimate benefits.

According to the materials: