How to get Facebook to stop showing you targeted ads

Как заставить Facebook перестать показывать вам таргетированную рекламу

Let’s be honest: social networks have become just a real hotbed of advertising. Of course, you can install blockers, but the collection of personal data, this will save you not. It turns out that there is no escape? Not always. For example, after a mass of investigations, exposing the policy of Facebook, the authors gave users the ability to limit the collection of personal information. And now we will look at how to disallow Facebook to stop showing you annoying targeted ads.

Like many tech giants, Facebook actively collects information about you and uses this information for “targeted advertising”. Surely you have noticed that you should look for, say, the nearest shop with auto parts for a Bicycle, as you will immediately begin to offer to buy the bike or rent it. It is time to stop it!

Settings advertising in Facebook

In the right upper corner there is an arrow, click on it and select “Settings”.

Now in the left side of the screen, you need to find the item “Advertising”. That’s where we’re headed.

Let’s start with the section “Interests”. Click on it to see the list of topics, as Facebook thinks you are interested. You can select the item and click on the cross, removing it from the list. This means that targetirovat advertising on the subject will no longer be displayed.

Now it’s time to move to the section of Advertisers. Everything works as under “Interests”. You can hide ads from specific advertisers and can block them all.

Configuration information that uses Facebook

Now you again need to look at the left menu. At the top will be the item “Your information on Facebook”. Is the data that the social network uses to help advertisers to target ads. But in fact we do not need? Select the “View my information” and you find a submenu “Advertising”. Then follow all the same steps that were described in the previous paragraph.

A more customized display advertising

-Here we can make significant changes to stop the collection of information. The section “Ads based on the data from the partners”, there should be the option “Forbidden”. Otherwise, expand this menu and change the settings manually.

-Ads based on your activities on the products of the company Facebook, which you see in other places: this section applies to the web sites, applications, and devices that use the services of Facebook to display ads outside Facebook. Here, too, choose the item “Banned”.

-Advertising, including social action: this option allows you to control whether Facebook use your activity is aimed at other people. For example, each Facebook may see an ad for a page that you liked on the platform of the social network. Two options in the drop-down menu here: “only my friends” or “nobody”.

Как заставить Facebook перестать показывать вам таргетированную рекламу

Как заставить Facebook перестать показывать вам таргетированную рекламу

Как заставить Facebook перестать показывать вам таргетированную рекламу