How to get information about lung problems with a simple test

Как узнать о проблемах с легкими с помощью простого теста

Poor environment, polluted air and Smoking are the main factors that is killing the health of the lungs which provide the body with vital oxygen. And this year the list of “killers” includes and coronavirus. Therefore, experts decided to inform citizens about the simple test that will show how healthy the respiratory system.

So this test is called spirometry. The device, which conducted a study called a spirometer.

He, according to doctors, is much more effective than x-rays. In Ukraine, this test is of 200 UAH.

The doctors explain that the spirometry is non-invasive (non-invasive), painless study and does not involve radiation exposure. This study is carried out even to children.

This test assesses the amount of air that a person can inhale or exhale per time unit.

This test helps to identify problems with the authority at an early stage of the disease.

Currently, the greatest value is the spirometer for the diagnosis and monitoring of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

How is the procedure:

The patient firmly pressed his lips to the mouthpiece, the doctor puts a clothespin on his nose.

The patient needs to breathe relaxed for a few seconds, then take a strong breath, after you exhale so hard and fast that his lungs are completely freed from air and then breathe rapid and shallow.

All this time launched the computer program records and arranges schedules. The data obtained studying the doctor.

To make sure that errors in test no, the procedure is repeated several times.