How to get rid of bad smell of footwear: proven ways

Как избавиться от плохого запаха обуви: проверенные способы

The cold weather is coming, we are increasingly faced with the same problem – bad smell from the shoes. How to overcome it with minimal effort?

Deodorant for feet

The beauty of the modern world that it is possible to find almost anything. In particular, and deodorant for feet. When choosing a product, pay attention to the contents of metal salts, alcohol and parabens, they provoke irritation and allergic reactions.

Folk remedies

Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide can safely clean inside shoes to destroy the odor. In addition, you can use baking soda: fill the soda shoes and leave overnight, then remove the baking soda, wipe shoes from inside with a damp cloth and dry. Another way – freeze the shoes for a day in the freezer.

Insoles for shoes

Disposable antibacterial insoles could not be better protect the inner part of the Shoe from spreading shoes. In addition, they contain absorbent, absorbing the sweat. There are also reusable insoles, which are made of different materials: for example, liners made of latex foam highly absorbent and insoles of leather, fur or linen provide good air circulation.