How to get rid of nail fungus

Как избавиться от грибка ногтей

Many people suffer in hot weather unpleasant disease. Scientists have described several ways that will allow time to recognize nail fungus. It is noted that the fungus attacks not only the nail plate but also the finger if not to detect it at an early stage, reports

The disease is often called dermatophyte onychomycosis and onychomycosis. It usually appears due to dermatophyte, mold and yeast begin to multiply in micropores and cracks.

How dangerous conditioning: response expert

Over the years, the problem becomes more urgent due to the deterioration of blood circulation and slow down nail growth. The reasons causing the disease, a few: athlete’s foot, contact with an infected person, not synthetic socks and breathable shoes, heavy sweating, diabetes, weakened immunity, microtrauma on the skin.

For fungus characterized by the following symptoms: changes in shape and thickening of the nail, lamination, brittle, darkening, loss of gloss. Accurate diagnosis can put only a doctor. Not to run the disease, you need to watch for the first signs such as the appearance of white and yellow areas on the sides of the plate.

Women are recommended once a week to remove the varnish and allow the nails to “rest”. Dying tissue begin to exude an unpleasant smell, so when it appears, it is necessary to consult a doctor.