How to get rid of nitrates

Как избавиться от нитратов

Nutritionist Ekaterina Pavlova told how to avoid the ingestion of nitrates. Writes referring to Chronicle info.

She noted that there are a number of products that accumulate nitrite. These include squash, potatoes, cabbage, parsley, cucumbers, dill, carrots, apples, beets, peaches, melon, grapes, watermelon and others. Mostly negative substances are contained in their peel. Therefore, so as not to poison your body, you must avoid the parts of fruits and vegetables that are dangerous. Also Ekaterina Pavlova advises not to neglect the wash products. To clear of harmful substances, they should be left for 30 minutes under cold running water. If this method does not inspire you trust, try to put fruits and vegetables thermal processing.

In addition, the above products can be replaced. So, not accumulating nitrates citrus, bananas, currants, avocado, onions, green peas and eggplant. It should be noted that nitrates can cause irreparable harm to human health. A particular danger they bring to the body of the child. Acting in the blood, nitrates can prevent saturation by its oxygen.