How to get rid of puffiness under eyes

Как в домашних условиях избавиться от отеков под глазами

Swelling under the eyes is a common problem faced by many and not just women. The appearance of puffiness can be caused different causes, from improper lifestyle to age-related changes. And now I will show you how at home to quickly remove the swelling after sleep, tears, partying, hangovers, and to bring her face in order, says portal


When a person gives vent to emotions in the cells is fluid retention, because, as you know, tears are salty, and salt water retention. And quickly remove the puffiness at home after tears as you can with the help of exercise and other folk remedies.

But we should start with first aid puffy eyes, which is that it is categorically impossible to RUB them. You can also tip the head back and to the eyes to make the cooling the tissue with menthol.

You can do gymnastics. Rotate the eyes, quickly blinked, a slight pressure on the inner corner of the eyes and middle point below the sight, exactly where the bone ends.

To remove the puffiness can be and folk remedies that are in every home:

Black tea, but without any additives. Just wet cotton pads in the tea and apply to eyelids.

Cucumber is a great tool that will not only remove puffiness, and refresh your entire face. Thin vegetable slices applied to the bags under the eyes for 15 minutes.

Ice is an indispensable remedy for swelling. Just put the cubes and wait until they are completely melted. To freeze not only water but also herbal teas.

After crying you can’t go right to bed, should take at least two hours.


Excessive alcohol consumption also leads to a large accumulation of fluid in the body and is the cause of puffy eyes. Immediately is to say that after a hangover quickly remove the swelling under the eyes does not work, as it takes time to the body has recovered the correct distribution of the liquid. But if you want to speed up the process at home.

The surest way to restore the metabolism is sleep so after a hectic partying is better to postpone your business and take the day off. Hangover, like a disease, it is better to move in bed and not at work.

You also need to drink plenty of fluids, it is better to take hydrocarbonate mineral water that helps to cleanse the body from all pollution, and thereby to quickly remove the swelling under the eyes at home.

Will help remove the puffiness and products with diuretic effect. It is the green tea, weak coffee, and can be sublimated, as well as zucchini, cucumber, watermelon and strawberries.

If you can’t stay at home, then quickly get rid of puffiness by making a contrast shower, but also suitable masks and compresses.

Potato mask – due to the large amount of potassium content potatoes quickly removes excess fluid from the cells. Grated on a fine grater potato apply on cleansed face and after 15 minutes wash off.

Cucumber mask – mix a grated cucumber with 1 tablespoon of aloe, add a few drops of any essential oil.

The mask of leaves and parsley root. Greens with roots grind until the juice.