How to help the spider bite

Как оказать помощь при укусе паука

Most spiders are poisonous, and their bites threaten a person’s life. The most poisonous include black widow, tarantula or brown recluse. It is reported

For children, the bites from spiders are the most dangerous. Please note, if your child has any symptoms: muscle spasm, pain and burning sensation of the bite, headache, nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure, increased salivation and sweating, difficulty breathing, anxiety, swelling, swollen lymph nodes.

How to behave when the spider bite

Must be applied to the affected area the cold and give the victim paracetamol. If he was bitten in the arm or leg, to prevent the spread of venom, you need leg or arm in a position lying lower down. Also it should remove all jewelry from hands.

Then you need to wrap it, starting from the top of the wound. You also need to ensure the immobility of the limb. If it is impossible to tie up the plot, press the plot and go to the doctor.

After a bite give the victim to drink plenty of water. You can also drink the remedy, as from the bite can occur an allergic reaction. In the absence of the ability to visit a doctor in the near future, it is possible to apply the remedy hormonal injections.

What not to do when a spider bite

  • to apply a tourniquet
  • cut wound
  • to feed the victim
  • to drink alcohol