How to identify poor quality sausage (signs)

Как выявить некачественную колбасу (признаки)

Experts called signs of poor sausage. There are parameters that determine the suitability of this product.

So, you need to pay attention to the cost of these products. In this product named stored with the deviations from the required temperature – 0-10 degrees Celsius, can not meet the requirements.

Packaging of sausage needs to be dry, since drops of moisture means the product prepared with violations of the production technology. In the second case, the sausage was probably a mistake to store. Experts recommend to purchase products made of meat of category “A”, as in this sausage contains 80% of the pulp.

You should buy products in a vacuum package, the same applies to the original thread. It is recommended to avoid to buy sausage, cut into slices using the slicer in the store.

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