How to increase immunity in the fall: tips on how to strengthen the immune system

Як підвищити імунітет восени: поради як зміцнити імунітет

In anticipation of winter in the autumn months season kicks off various colds and flu. However, according to doctors, the seasonal diseases can be prevented if the time to strengthen the immune system. Therefore, how to increase immunity in the autumn – read the material 24 of the Channel.

Effective ways to promote health and protect the body from viruses will help you to strengthen the immunity in autumn.

If you ask the average person on methods that help her to raise the immune system, the first thing that comes to mind is the use of vitamins. So, the drugs help to supply the body with necessary nutrients, but there are other ways of promoting health that are necessary to use for every day.

And this, according to associate Professor of pediatric infectious diseases and pediatric immunology NMAPE named after P. Shupik, Fedor Lapiy, healthy eating, sleep and physical activity.

When the body gets any virus or bacteria, the immune system learns to fight it, and then remembers it the next time already has an effective strategy to overcome,
– he says.

Balanced nutrition to enhance immunity

Як підвищити імунітет восени: поради як зміцнити імунітет
Strengthening the immune system: a healthy balanced diet

The first step to strengthen the immune system is the establishment of proper nutrition. When the human body gets all nutrients from food, it not only keeps you in great shape, but is tempered to fight against viruses.

Traditional methods: to be or not to be?

According to popular notions, the daily consumption of garlic and onions can save the immunity in the offseason. However, doctors-immunologists claim that such methods can help with the disease, as garlic acts in the body as a natural antibiotic. But the immunity is not significantly affected.

But the medic advises: in the ration of every Ukrainian should be vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy products and meat. These products contain those substances which are necessary for the person daily. Also significant is the role of water balance in the body.

Water is advisable to drink more, but forced to do. It is desirable to reduce the consumption of sugar, salt, alcohol and TRANS fats,
– said Fedor Lapiy.

How to raise the immunity in autumn: what to eat every day – watch videos

To strengthen the immune system are also advised to increase the amount of citrus fruits, consume walnuts (no more than fits in the palm), raisins or grapes, the juice of mountain ash. These products act on the body as an immunostimulant. In addition, the same property is med.

As a healthy sleep affects the immune system?

Як підвищити імунітет восени: поради як зміцнити імунітет
Strengthening the immune system: effective tips

In addition to a balanced diet plays an important role vacation. Every person should sleep at least 7 – 8 hours. It is advisable to have a timetable – sleep and Wake at the same hours. In this case, the body will work like a clock, and the immune system will not give a weakness.

Famous doctor Yevhen Komarovsky also advised before bedtime ventilate the room, and humidify the room.

It is not necessary to overheat and clutter the room different types of dust. Temperature and humidity should be optimal, cool and hot,
– says Eugene Komorowski in dioreah.

Physical activity


No wonder the proverb say: “Movement is life”. It is the physical activity during the day helps to strengthen the immune system. Thus, the more one moves the better for health.

According to Fyodor Lapiy, the team, no matter what kind of sports person does: she runs, rides bikes, or just walks a lot – an active lifestyle has a positive effect on the immune system. The active load is very useful to give after waking up to do morning workout or run.

Interestingly, even diseases may benefit the body, because the person developed protective mechanisms in the future to overcome the same threat.

Immunity required load. Just like muscle training from physical exertion, the immune system trains from contact with microorganisms
he says.

Despite these tips immunologist warns that everything should be done in moderation. After all, excessive consumption, though useful products, which would be to strengthen the immune system can hurt you. In particular, lead to allergic reactions. Therefore, to strengthen the immune system should be approached with prudence.

Як підвищити імунітет восени: поради як зміцнити імунітет

Even colds can be useful to the organism, because the person developed defense mechanisms

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