How to increase your ability to work without coffee

Как повысить трудоспособность без кофе

Doctor Victoria Savitskaya told how to improve their own health, giving up drinking coffee. Writes referring to Chronicle info.

According to the specialist to force your body to Wake up and start to work actively, it is necessary to resort to the use of citrus. They contain large amounts of vitamins of group C. the Latter takes an active part in the improvement of the process of the human brain. In addition, Victoria Savitskaya advises not to forget about drinking enough water throughout the day. Not to forget about this natural beverage, you should keep capacious with him constantly near him.

Also a useful product are also considered to be berries. In their composition includes a lot of antioxidants. Especially when dealing with a systematic drowsiness useful blueberries, cherries and currants. Can rejoice, and fans of apples. This fruit invigorates no worse than caffeine. Because it consists of fructose, allow to start the mechanism of the brain. Besides, the crunch when eating apples will not give sleep to anyone.