How to keep foods fresh 7 simple methods

Как максимально долго сохранить продукты свежими: 7 простых методов

Today we have prepared for you methods of blagodaria which your products will remain most of the time and it does not lose its qualities.

1. Fresh berries

Berries that are not moldy and does not spoil too quickly, you can use a little secret. Before sending them in the fridge, you need to wash them in a solution of water and vinegar. The proportions of water and vinegar 10 to 1. The mixture need pour berries in the bowl, and then drain and let dry. This simple trick can extend the life of raspberry to several weeks. The taste and smell is not bad.

2. Long storage of cheese

If to cover with sliced cheese with butter, then the edges will not become weather-beaten and dry. This eliminates the need to discard any remaining cheese slices that do not have time to eat immediately. Another way to preserve fresh cheese – wrap it in waxed paper and then plastic bag and put in the fridge.

3. Hide the mushrooms in the package

To preserve the freshness of mushrooms is very important the correct packaging. For the longest time mushrooms retain their original appearance, if you put them in a paper bag. So they wouldn’t be weathered and at the same time, they will be provided with constant access to fresh air.

4. Eggs in the freezer

The best place for long-term storage of eggs – freezer. Eggs perfectly retain their properties in the freezer. The only condition is that their proper storage and placement. Eggs cannot be frozen in the shell. It is best to break them down and pour into molds for freezing ice. When you need them, they can easily take and quick to cook.

5. Green onions in the store

To make green onion stay fresh as long as possible is not difficult. Almost every house has one or two plastic bottles “just in case”. And it’s finally here! A plastic bottle will help to preserve the freshness of chopped green onions: simply put, spun and put it in the refrigerator.

6. Fresh bananas

A little foil or film, a little bit of skill and bananas stuck in the kitchen at least a week. Whatever we do, usually bananas quickly darken and become softer and more unattractive. For those who like to stock up on these snacks handy tip: we have to wrap the base of the brush in aluminum foil or plastic wrap and leave to be kept in the refrigerator and at room temperature.

7. Apples are friends with potatoes

Apples stay fresh longer in the refrigerator. Many people know that storing potatoes with onions undesirable as the released moisture will allow mold to grow. But with apples potatoes on friendly terms: they need to be put in the refrigerator or a cool place to prolong shelf life.