How to keep kidneys healthy

Как сохранить почки здоровыми

The kidneys are a vital organ. And when their work there is a failure, that the whole body suffers.

The kidneys perform an enormous amount of work: to purify the blood of toxins and impurities, keep the water-salt and acid-base balance, secrete hormones that stimulate the formation of hemoglobin, regulate metabolism, affect the amount of calcium in the blood and production of vitamin D, and even help regulate blood pressure.

Writes Bagnet, healthy kidneys to purify the blood about 300 times a day, that is, on average, every day running through 1500 gallons of blood.

What and what not to do to keep kidneys healthy?

The kidneys do not care how you eat. Because your diet directly affects their workload. For a good functioning kidney should be consumed daily to 2.3 mg of vitamin B6. It is found in poultry, fish, milk, eggs, potatoes, garlic, melon, wheat bran. Also helpful for kidneys cucumbers, pumpkin, zucchini, sweet pepper, watermelon, strawberries, dill, celery, lettuce and parsley.

But from foods, coffee and carbonated drinks are, to put it mildly, not amused. As excessive consumption of salty foods. Daily salt allowance for a healthy person is not more than 5 g (a teaspoon) a day. All that is over, already makes the kidneys work overtime. Harmful and the consumption of large amounts of meat.

Clean water for the kidneys is a real health drink. It is needed by the body for the excretion of harmful substances. Drinking enough water helps the kidneys work properly.

Doctors say that the risk of formation of kidney stones two times higher among people who do not drink enough water. Alcohol and Smoking impair their functioning, forcing them to work several times harder to rid the body of toxins received.

To keep kidneys healthy, you need to move. Sedentary work and a sedentary lifestyle contribute to the stagnation of liquids, reduction of blood flow rate, blood composition changes, that is, complicates the job of the excretory system. To restore proper blood flow, it is necessary to do some warm-up exercises or exercises every hour. Remember that regular exercise will prevent the occurrence of kidney stones. But the main thing is not to overdo it. After a sharp increase in physical activity can trigger the development of necrosis of the skeletal muscles, which in turn leads to admission of too many toxins in the kidneys.