How to lay the car in Lombard? – a reliable way to quickly get money

Как заложить автомобиль в ломбард? – надежный способ быстро получить деньги

Why is there a need to lay the car?

Trouble at work (delayed salaries), the output of large household appliances haywire, a tour on the sea with 50-70% discount. These and other situations require money from us. And if there are none?

To get out of this situation easily, putting the car in avtolombard. With the retention of the right to use it or not. Moreover, to obtain money, you’ll need to present a minimum package of documents. And to spend no more than 30-120 minutes of your time.

The main condition to lay the car in Lombard

The car acts as a collateral. Therefore, if one is in order, you will receive the necessary amount of money. Pawnshop – for example, the company here makes to the car are handed over as collateral, the following requirements. It should not be:

  1. Purchased on credit (in installments – at the time of application to the pawnshop, the debt is repaid 100%);
  2. Already laid.
  3. Arrested.
  4. Subject to changes in license plates.

Also the drivers who want to obtain money, you should pay attention to other factors. The appearance of the machine and its clean, no dents and different defects. These little things can reduce the amount of issued your loan.

Put car in Lombard: the nuances

Now the borrower realizes that his car is in good condition, not arrested, etc. So you can move on to treatment in Lombard. What documents will be required by the company? Usually it is the passport of the owner of the vehicle, VAT and registration certificate of the car. Next:

  • Preparing the necessary documents, you can contact the pawnshop.
  • Apply via the Internet. Today, 95% of pawn shops are ready to accept the application for the loan online.
  • After reviewing the application form, the borrower contacts a representative of the pawnshop. He verifies the submitted documents and information.
  • Drive up to the office, if the preceding step did not have any issues. In the company’s office will assess and inspect the vehicle.
  • Sign a contract if you are satisfied with the proposed company, the amount, term and interest rate.
  • Quickly get the money.

What Lombard is better to lay the car?

Everything is relative! When choosing a pawnshop, do not be lazy to spend some time. To compare offers from several companies. Consider:

  • how long the pawnshop on the market;
  • is there any contact details on the website;
  • how transparent lending conditions (clearly stated % rate, the borrower’s costs, etc.);
  • is there positive feedback about the company.

Also, for your own peace of mind, you can drive up to the office and chat with its representatives in person. And then think: should I establish a car. Or not. A reasonable approach to the taking of loans secured by car that allows you to quickly get the money. Without risks and unnecessary overpayments!