How to lose weight: 15 bad habits that make it difficult to lose weight

Как похудеть: 15 вредных привычек, которые мешают сбросить вес

Excess weight not only depends on what you eat. Habits define us, respectively, and our meals, and this can generate the number, time and place of reception of food, which in turn can lead to overeating. Edition Factinterest have gathered the most common food habits which do not allow us to lose weight.

High-calorie and fatty foods

If your family prefer excessive fat and calorie food, it will quickly enter you into the habit. Even going on a healthy diet, seasoning salads with olive oil or using avocado for dinner, you’ll still eat too much.


If you constantly chew something and procrastinate in your mouth, you will inevitably gain weight. Hard to keep track of what and how much you ate. Install mode: the three main meals per day, at the same time, with a break in between 3-5 hours. If it is more than 5 hours, you can make a small (planned) snack.

You eat when busy

If during the meal you are busy with something else, you don’t notice how much I ate. For example, this happens when you eat in front of the computer, TV or phone.

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Unconscious eating

You are not used to pay attention to what is in your plate and just mindlessly consume food.

Overeating every thing

Adhere to standard portions, don’t ask additives. So you will not exceed the optimal amount of calories.


If you eat only vegetables whether fruits, you are unlikely to recover. But most people satisfies hunger with biscuits, sweets, fast food and other “junk” food that contains many “empty” calories.

You eat too fast

The faster you eat, the greater the likelihood of overeating. Our brain and stomach are connected to each other: the brain sends a signal of hunger when the body needs food, and the feeling of fullness occurs when it’s time to stop. It takes about 20 minutes after eating for your brain received the signal that the stomach is full. But when you eat very fast, you have time to push in too much food before this signal goes to the brain.

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Eating on the run

In the rush you grab the first thing that came to hand, and don’t pay attention to how much I ate. Often you forget that you already had, not including scones, sandwiches and chocolates in the total amount of calories. Stick mode, eat Breakfast, lunch and dinner at a certain time, don’t grab the pieces on the go.

You often dine outside the home

Lovers of cafes and restaurants can’t control how cooked dish, and the menu is too much high calorie temptations. Especially dangerous in this regard, buffet or food on system “all inclusive”.

Try to monitor the amount of fat and calories in the dishes you order, and choose small portions.

Monotonous diet

A healthy diet should include foods from different groups, and the habit of eating only carbohydrates bad for your waistline.

Love for unhealthy food

If you eat at fast food restaurants, buy food in the departments of ready-made supermarket food, eat doughnuts and chips, you eat more calories, sugar and fat than you realize.

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You constantly sit on a diet

If you’re seriously limiting yourself in food, you run the risk of “stall” that leads to overeating, and sometimes bouts of bulimia – “food sing”.

Skipping Breakfast (lunch)

If the last meal has been more than 5 hours, you eat more when you’ll be back at the table. Or grab the first thing that comes to hand, and it is unlikely to be a healthy snack.

Emotional overeating

The desire to eat that occurs when you experience certain emotions (stress, frustration, anger or even happiness), has nothing to do with real hunger. If lunch or planned snack has not come yet, think about why you want to have. Do you experience hunger?

Overeating on the weekends

Trying to lose weight, you will not achieve anything, if you follow a strict diet during the week, and then “off” weekend, abusing sweets and alcohol. Do not be tempted!