How to lose weight in your sleep: nutritionist have uncovered important nuances

Как похудеть во сне: диетолог раскрыла важные нюансы

The expert explained how sleep affects appetite and weight

Sleep directly affects the process of losing weight, says nutritionist Anastasia on his page in Instagram. She noted that not only sleep duration but also the time of sleep can affect weight and appetite.

The expert stressed that a late retreat to rest, lack of sleep or prolonged irregular sleep can interfere to say goodbye to the extra pounds.

The top 3 reasons preventing to lose weight and associated with sleep:

Go too late

After midnight for example! When melatonin all must be produced in our body and stabilize the metabolism. It is the most restful sleep! Replaced cortisol, a stress hormone, a small increase is observed at 2 a.m., the next at 4 a.m. and the peak around 6 am. Had a late one – got high cortisol! High cortisol=low sharing!

Sleep little

Here the same effect! Plus there is a radical depletion of the growth hormone and leptin is depleted! Leptin is a hormone secreted in fat cells. The less leptin you produce, the more you hunger. In turn, the more ghrelin you produce, the more you hunger, you burn less calories, and the food is deposited as fat reserves of the body.

Besides, an interesting fact! Lack of sleep slows down your protein synthesis! If you grow muscles, and sleep you need complete. Low leptin=high hunger.

Sleep until noon

It occurs, hormonal changes in waves. And when you get up closer to lunch, you will most likely not even hungry. And then the level Gordin will increase 7 times compared to the norm! The appetite is a wolf in the literal sense!

Как похудеть во сне: диетолог раскрыла важные нюансы

Как похудеть во сне: диетолог раскрыла важные нюансы

Как похудеть во сне: диетолог раскрыла важные нюансы