How to lose weight: what foods to prevent to lose weight

Как похудеть: какие продукты мешают сбросить лишний вес

Known nutritionist Olga Usenko told what foods to prevent to lose weight when losing weight. According to experts, there are many products that can cause fermentation and therefore

The expert in nutrition said that the products with the effect of fermentation prevent to drop weight and lose fat. According to the expert, such products, for example, are fresh vegetables. Their use promotes the fermentation processes in the intestine, in violation of digestion and consequently not to successfully lose weight. Nutritionist recommends to eat vegetables thermally processed.

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Also in the list of foods the effect of fermentation Olga Usenko made cereals and muesli, pastries with yeast products, eggs and eggs, dairy products, pork, lamb, beef, confectionery, fish and seafood, soft drinks, beer, kvass, packaged juices.

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Berries and fruits, according to experts also have the property to provoke fermentation in the body. This ability is inherent of citrus, bananas, pears, apples, grapes, peaches, apricots, prunes. Usenko warned lovers of fruit and berries from the use of these products on an empty stomach and especially in combination with dairy products. Ignoring this rule ensures bloating and severe flatulence.

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“Such a large list does not mean that you need to eat air. Very important to be able to feel your body and understand its reactions to any products. You should always follow a schedule, sustain portion, to monitor the balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates,” advised the nutritionist.

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