How to lose weight with bad heredity

Как похудеть при плохой наследственности

Science has long proven the existence of a genetic predisposition to excess weight. What do people with unfortunate genes that would like to have a slim figure.

Remember the study by researchers from Stanford University that proved that the choice of a specific diet depending on of human genetics increases the likelihood of success. “Bad genes” are not a sentence, although they somewhat complicate the path to finding the slender figure. Do not despair, you can try different methods and see which one is most effective, writes The Health Site.

For starters, you can pass the genetic test which reveals this same predisposition. With it, the nutritionists will be easier to figure out who to stick to a diet low in fat, and who restrict carbohydrates. Genes are responsible for how the body responds to insulin. This is an important factor of weight loss. In people with insulin resistance better to lose weight on a low carbohydrate diet. If you are faced with a heightened sensitivity to insulin, it is better to try food with low fat content. But for those who fit between these two groups, suitable balanced diet.

Genes determine the tendency to weight gain, but no less influenced by external factors and lifestyle. They are also important in regard to weight loss. Therefore, when choosing a proper diet regime and physical exercise you need to make a few more changes in lifestyle. For example, a daily walk, eating at the same time and not to miss its techniques, normal sleep. Not read all this nonsense, these factors are important when losing weight.