How to maintain the health of blood vessels: the rules which are important to know

Как сохранить здоровье сосудов: правила, о которых важно знать

Our health and beauty directly depend on the number of nutrients that come in all organs and systems of the channels of the body – blood vessels. To avoid such troubles, we know more about maintaining their health.

What is the cause of vascular disease?

Among the highlights of overeating, bad habits, lack of moisture in the body, dislike of physical exercise, some medications, heredity or a combination of several factors. As in any disease, here too it is better to do prevention than treatment. Preventive measures can significantly reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, even if you enter a “risk group”.

Where to start to take care of the vessels?

To start look for food that must be balanced. Morning is advisable to start with the elixir of health, which is composed of teaspoons of honey and lemon juice to a glass of warm water. Do not forget about the sufficient supply of moisture in the body during the day, otherwise the blood becomes viscous. In our case, is 2 liters of drinking water, not tea or coffee, which tend to condense on the walls of the veins and arteries.

The next step is increasing physical activity, especially for those who are on duty forced to be a long time on your feet or lead a sedentary lifestyle. As examples, we present the Cycling, swimming, aerobics, dancing, gymnastics. An excellent tonic effect on blood vessels and has a cold shower, which is good to start the morning.

If you have bad habits, immediately break up with them, otherwise continue to talk about health is simply meaningless. This is especially true of Smoking, even passive. And significant doses of alcohol have the opposite effect: cause vasospasms.

Wear out the vessels and stress, especially if you have a habit of taking everything to heart and worry over nothing. Treat life philosophically, and thanks will tell you not only the bloodstream but also the nervous system, which, as you know, all of the disease.

Even if you are a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, don’t forget to monitor your blood pressure and check cholesterol levels and blood sugar through tests. To feel young, beautiful and healthy, start to take care of the vessels today. The more that do it simply.