How to make an external hard drive and save

Как сделать внешний жесткий диск и сэкономить

Sometimes the volume of information that you want to migrate from one medium to another, too large and the normal flash drive will not do here. Then come to the aid of an external hard drive.

24 techno has prepared for you an interesting life hack how to get external hard drive and save a few hundred hryvnia.

How to choose a hard drive?

First you need to select the hard disk itself. Note that we chose a conventional hard laptop. Here we should pay attention to the manufacturer and the amount of memory that you need. If the latter be determined very easily, the manufacturer will have to suffer.

Most quality hard drives manufactured by Western Digital. It is one of the market leaders in the HDD. In addition, WD has a wide range of models that serve different purposes. The most popular are Blue, Green, Black and Red.

Blue – basic model multi-purpose lower price categories, suitable for the office segment use. Among solid-state drives – SATA III form factor 2.5 and M. 2, with the highest possible performance SATA III.

Как сделать внешний жесткий диск и сэкономить

Hard drives Western Digital

Green – these models are positioned as “environmentally friendly”, so focused on providing features such as reduced power consumption, reduced noise levels and vibration. The provision of these qualities can affect the speed of operation, reducing overall performance. Among solid-state storage drives budget segment SATA III form factor 2.5 and M. 2 with characteristics lower than the maximum possible indicators of SATA III.

Black model is designed for high loads, which are used to install the operating system resource-intensive games and programs. Among solid-state drives high – performance drives M. 2 PCI-E, which are designed for the most demanding operations.

Red – line of models focused on work around the clock, for example, in network devices, in the production of these models have paid more attention to the protection against overheating, damage, more reduced power consumption.

Как сделать внешний жесткий диск и сэкономить

HDD WD Blue is stable and free of noise

We got HDD WD Blue 1 TB. Looking ahead, we can say that this hard drive shows stable performance and low vibration and noise during operation (they are almost not noticeable).

Как сделать внешний жесткий диск и сэкономить

Looks like the hard drive on the other side

In addition to Western Digital manufacture hard disk drives do companies like Seagate, Toshiba, Hitachi. They have hard drives of different sizes and price categories.

How to choose a pocket for an external hard drive

When you have decided on a hard drive, it’s time to choose the pocket for him. Here the main emphasis is on your taste. However, it should also pay attention to the characteristics of the hard drive, form factor and speed of data transmission.

First of all, pay attention to the prefix in the name of SATA III. SATA is an interface which enables communication with storage of information. Therefore, the pocket should be chosen according to what you have in the description of hard, because he just might not fit.

Как сделать внешний жесткий диск и сэкономить

Pocket hard drive

Next, pay attention to form factor. If to explain simply, the form factor is the size of the hard drive. Mainly in the characteristics of the manufacturers specify it as a separate item, however, if you do not see it as a separate item you should not panic. After SATA III are “mysterious” figures, for example, 2.5. They determine the form factor. It also should be as accurate as possible and not to split hairs, when choosing a pocket with a form factor of 3.5, because it may not be the right size and you have to spend on another one.

Next, select the data transfer speed. Yes, sometimes it’s really important. So, if you don’t mind how long your files will be uploaded to the hard drive, then you can skip this step. If you need maximum data transfer speed, please note what is written in the specifications of the pocket after USB. If there are numbers 2.0, the new device will receive the data at standard speed. Want it faster? Then choose USB 3.0 and above.

Как сделать внешний жесткий диск и сэкономить

In order to collect the external hard drive must be inserted into the pocket

Next we need to assemble the whole device. In fact, this can handle even a small child, of course, if he knows how to use a screwdriver. Just insert our HDD into the slot and tighten the pocket.

How to initialize hard drive

Then the most interesting. If you have purchased a new hard drive, first you need to initialize it. If you purchased a second-hand hard, then skip this paragraph.

To initialize the HDD it must be connected to the computer. Next, you need to go to settings. Thus, we consider the initialization method for the operating system Windows 10 and 8.1.

Click start, type diskmgmt.msc in the “Start search”, then right-click the diskmgmt.MS select “Run with administrator rights. If necessary, enter credentials for a user account that has administrator privileges.

Note. When the system detects a uninitialized disk Windows opens this window.

Как сделать внешний жесткий диск и сэкономить

How to initialize hard drive

In the dialog box, Initialize the disk, click GPT (GUID partition table) and click OK.

Note. If this option is selected, the hard disk is not recognized by older versions of Windows XP.

Как сделать внешний жесткий диск и сэкономить

How to initialize hard drive

Check in the disk management window to verify that the disk is initialized. If so, the status for that disk at the bottom of the window should specify the drive Online.

After the disk is initialized, you need to create a partition and then format the partition using the file system. This will allow you to store data in this section. Next you can choose the name for your disk. You can assign it a letter, or on your own to come up with the name. To do this, click with the right mouse button on the Unallocated space on the right side of the status for that drive and click “new simple volume”. Follow the instructions in the initialization wizard to complete this process.

Как сделать внешний жесткий диск и сэкономить

When the HDD was initialised, the led lights up

When the disk got its name, all other devices will detect it without problems. So you get a external hard drive and on average can save up to 200 UAH.


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