How to make and receive calls on your HomePod

Как совершать и принимать звонки на HomePod

In early September last year, Apple released a major upgrade to the HomePod. Smart column got a lot of new features and options for the voice assistant Siri. Added support for several new languages, including, Russian, unfortunately, is not included. But what is most interesting – using smart column, you can now make and receive phone calls.

Initially, the ability to receive calls were missing – that’s why HomePod need to be appropriately prepared.

  • Run the application “Home” on your iPhone.
  • Choose among the list HomePod and go to its settings.
  • Here we will need to give permission to the processing of personal queries. Translate the slider in the active position.

Note that this option must be separately set for each of the HomePod (if you have several).

The next stage – you should make sure that the iPhone and the HomePod is connected to the same wireless network Wi-Fi.

To start a call, ask Siri to call someone from your contacts or just dictate the number. Incoming calls are automatically predrasuda from iPhone to HomePod – just ask the voice assistant to answer the call. All teams must articulate in the English language (or any other language the default).

You can also check missed calls with a simple command “Siri, who just called?”.

If necessary, start a call on your iPhone and continue the conversation already with the HomePod. To do this, activate the corresponding option in the call settings.

That’s so easy you can make and receive calls on HomePod.

Как совершать и принимать звонки на HomePod

Как совершать и принимать звонки на HomePod

Как совершать и принимать звонки на HomePod