How to marry a foreigner – that attracts and repels overseas “princes”

Как выйти замуж за иностранца - что привлекает и отталкивает заморских "принцев"

To find a foreign Prince is not the dream of many women? While some only dream of the husband-the foreigner, others forge their happiness. The paralegal often perform marriage Agency. Some brides-to-be foreign suitors are in high demand, and that can be a hindrance in the path to happiness, they are told RIA Melitopol.

Married abroad

Zaporozhye marriage Agency “Yasmina”, branch which is located in Melitopol, helps single girls to find a mate abroad for the 19th year. There was everything during this time – and happy meetings, and rejections from potential brides, and create stunning families on all continents. More than 800 women were looking for their happiness with the help of the Agency, but only less than a third of them were able to find it (happened 218 pairs).

Interestingly, for help in finding the most foreign women treat men, but it happens very rarely – whether from embarrassment, or from uncertainty in their own irresistibility.

The Director of the Agency Karina Draganov admits: to find the man of your dreams has always been difficult. In the era of the development of social networks, where everyone can become acquainted with any person, the excitement in finding a partner for life subsided.

– All applicants to our women looking for love, not knowing what love really is. And that’s the problem. But absolutely all clients of that was purposeful, was not afraid to overcome the difficulties and followed the above advice, found a couple and happily married, – says the Agency.

The search schema of the overseas groom through the Agency of simple. The selection of a pair are not engaged, and allow a woman to chat with any man using online resource where they can find a partner with similar interests and values.

– Clients choose someone you want to start a conversation. Just to point a finger at any man from a catalog or put their photos on the website and expect you will be showered with attention, will not work. You need to be active, to be able to eloquently Express their thoughts and feelings in texts, reading them, the man will be keen to continue the dialogue. We consult clients and advise how to carry on a conversation to obtain a successful result. They communicate using email, video calls, and also directly in person, – tells Karina.

Love for all ages

So, who’s the woman today is looking for a husband abroad? Matchmaker say this lady with a spirit of adventure, because only such people are attempting to find something new and not afraid of change. Overseas suitors are eyeing by the women 29-37 years – at this age they still can have children, it is easier to adapt to a new country, learn the language and find a job. If you already have the values of life and live not only emotions, but also the mind.

Interestingly, in 2016 the Agency imposed an age limit for clients – work only with those who are between 21 years to 45 years. This step went by chance: not to condemn age clients to be the eternal bride (the demand for them is minimal), and girls under the age of 21 just don’t want to start a family – they are looking for entertainment.

However, most of the young women that the Agency was married to an American, was only 19 years old. As the oldest, 63-year-old, found his fate in Sweden.

Today the clients of the marriage Agency, successfully to find the man of your dreams, settled on all continents and left more than 30 countries around the world. Even among them Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, China, Japan, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Monaco and South Africa.

Want everything at once

I must admit that Ukrainian ladies are pragmatic. Looking for a foreign husband, they want to solve several problems: to create a family, and financial situation improve, and the world to see. In order better to present themselves. One client wanted to appear in all its glory for the future guy that has done a photoshoot in underwear and crown. Provocative photo for the questionnaire, she did not accept…

By the way, candid photos in their underwear and causing poses for use in presentations is not permitted. The Agency assured that they carry the wrong message to a potential applicant hands and hearts, showing that she is not serious is configured. Banned and outright extortion of money under any pretext vested immediately removed from the database without the possibility of recovery profile.

Will not work and to throw dust in the eyes of the foreigner with translator – they only help beautifully translate what is already written by the client.

I wonder what the chances of running into scams the Agency, in contrast to social networks, reduced to zero. The reason is that women “lead” to the marriage.

However, it is possible that a potential Beau, you may simply refuse.

– Such cases are, of course, was all have the right to choose. Personal meeting is very different from correspondence and meetings in video format. Sometimes that girl radically changed his opinion about the man with whom long conversation online, – said the Agency.

It happens sometimes that candidates want from our beauties is incredible. Karina Draganov recalls how one day, 71 year-old girl seriously said, he’s a great fiance who still has no children. In this companion currently looking for no older than 23 years…

What prevents to get married

For years of work in marriage Agency have long agreed that the formula of success of those who want to find husband abroad. Its a few women prevent to find a number of qualities – stupidity and narrow-mindedness, laziness, arrogance, excessive demands, the desire to possess immediately all the benefits of civilization with its own distinct mediocrity.

Negatively perceived by men overweight pretender, external unattractiveness, passivity, lack of femininity, excessive seriousness in the photo in the profile. But the children were never a hindrance – we have numerous examples of successful current couples where the woman had children from previous marriages, and men are not stopped, – said the Director of marriage Agency.

But the most popular among overseas suitors are intelligent and attractive girl with a good sense of humor. Foreigners want to see my wife smiling, slim, long-haired, unselfish. Most of all – with knowledge of English, lack of children and bad habits. So, as they say, and need to…