How to Meet attract good fortune

Как на Сретение привлечь к себе удачу

Candlemas is one of the most revered Orthodox holidays. On the day of the presentation, believers offer a prayer treatment for forgiveness of their sins and bringing good luck and prosperity.

I should say that the feast of the meeting traces its history back to pagan times. Celebrated in the Orthodox Church it was only after the adoption of Christianity. In the time of paganism day is considered the feast of the meeting of winter and spring.

So our ancestors on this day, asked their gods for forgiveness and the revelation of prosperity. Today few people remember about pagan rituals, and the day of the presentation snoats prayers in helping not only find your true path, but to be free from sickness and sin, began a life filled with compassion and light. Every prayer offered in the Presentation, has a special power.

How to ask for God’s forgiveness for sins?

Before asking the Savior for forgiveness for their sins, must pray a prayer of gratitude for all that the Lord has already bestowed on man. Only people who know how to be grateful, to be able to find what their heart demands.

After prayers one should offer a request for repentance. The clergy have repeatedly noted that prayer, to Meet to have healing powers, can heal the soul and to liberate man from sin. Prayer may be spoken in your own words or prayer for treatment can be used for the text of the Prayer book.

How to ask the Creator of happiness?

The desire for happiness is natural for every person. After all, everyone wants to live his life in the understanding, to give warmth and love to their loved ones. For believers happiness means a life filled with respect, care and love, where the Lord is unshakable support of person. Prayer request for happiness reads like this:

Heavenly Father! I come to You in prayer, realizing our sinfulness. God, in the name of Thy Son Jesus Christ, forgive all my sins and cleanse me from all unrighteousness. I don’t want to live still. I believe that Jesus Christ died on the Cross for my sins and rose on the third day for my justification. Lord, please come into my heart, sanctify me, be my Shepherd and lead my life. Thank You that You hear my prayer and accepting me for who I am. I now by faith I accept Your forgiveness and my salvation for eternal life. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit. Amen!

How to meet attract good luck prayer?

The day of the presentation of a special power gain prayer requests about luck. This prayer helps to escape from the dark streaks of bad luck and push away from yourself the energy of misery and failure. Prayer of fortune – a kind of plea for mercy to all people. Praying about luck, ask it not only for himself and his family, but for all others. After all, if the luck will be with each, no one would need to select it, and all people will live in prosperity. Prayer about luck is read before the image of Saint Nicholas:

“Lord Jesus Christ, I pray Thee, my earthly happiness. Hear my prayers in such a bright day, not turn away from the words of my heart, give me and people love each other. Teach us, unworthy of Thy servants to rejoice in each day to strengthen the faith and increase the love for You. Let me find happiness with Your help, so every day was a new continuation of a happy life. Help me understand what to delete from my life to become a happier person. I pray for your wisdom in my conduct and my words. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen.”

“O Holy God-pleaser Nicholas, You soon our intercessor and all sorrows and troubles mate! Help sinful servant of God (your name) to brighten up such a dull and depressing life, ask the Lord to give me the forgiveness of all sins from birth and my youth. Let my soul will get rid of eternal torment, and life will be filled with happiness and light. Help me to resist all the problems, to bring good luck and confidence in the future. I will not cease to praise Thy name, Father, Son, and Holy spirit. Now and forevermore. Amen.”