How to obtain a biometric passport: the procedure, prices, nuances

Как получить биометрический заграничный паспорт: процедура, цены, нюансы

For almost half a year Ukrainians enjoy visa-free regime with EU countries. But a prerequisite for visa-free travel is the citizen’s biometric passport. All there is to know about it – in the publication of 24 channels.

Biometric passports in Ukraine can be of two types (as well as still – non-biometric): to travel abroad and domestic. Here talking about those who need it for visa-free travel, foreign biometric.

The difference of this document from the old version – it has built-in the cover of the electronic chip and stamped on the cover. On electronic media is duplicated information about the passport holder, as well as his digitized face, signature and fingerprints of index fingers. All this in order to simplify the identification process of the citizen at the border.

What documents are needed for the manufacture of biometric passports

A list of documents for persons under 16 years of age:

– application form (submitted in person or by the legal representative);

– passport of citizen of Ukraine (for persons under 14 years of age);

– birth certificate (in case of registration of the passport for travel abroad for the first time to a person under 14 years of age);

– the relevant documents with the Bank on the implementation of the legislation charges (consular fees) or original and copy of the document for exemption from such fees (consular fees);

– document on registration in the State register of natural persons – payers of taxes, if any (for citizens under 18).

Photo taken on the photo right on the spot. If you place the document to a child under 12 years or a person who for health reasons can not move (and this is the relevant information) – the photo can be brought ready: two color photos 3,5×4,5 cm and one of size 10×15 cm.

The SMS is also recommended to have a previously issued, but not placed, of the passport of citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad. You can decide to return them to the state to cancel or leave for travel abroad (for example, if the old passport has a valid visa to the countries with visa regime).

From November 2018 the application for registration of a biometric passport can be submitted through the online service. However, this does not complete paperwork via the Internet. A person must personally come to the immigration office to be photographed and scanned fingerprints. But the service will save time.

If issued , the passport for travel abroad of persons under 16 years of age, living with one parent, are served with original or duly certified copy of one of the following documents:

– the certificate on death of the second parent;

– the court’s decision on deprivation of parental rights of the second parent;

– a judgment about recognition of the second parent bezvesti missing;

– a judgment about recognition of the second parent is incapacitated;

– information about registration of place of residence of the child together with one parent who submits the application form, or in the case of registration of passports at foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine – other proof of such registration;

– original extract from the State register of acts of civil status of citizens about the birth details of the father.

Where to apply for biometric passports

For registration of Ukrainian passports for travel abroad, including biometric, citizens of Ukraine should apply to any division of the migration service. In GMS note – in any division, regardless of place of residence of the citizen. The relevant units that have the technical ability for processing of biometric documents, there is in each oblast center (although not all). Details about the addresses of the respective units of GMS can be found on the official website of the Department.

You can also submit the documents to the center for providing administrative services (CPAS), service center “Passport service” or GP “Document”.

There is such a possibility that in response to considerable demand, some “enterprising” individuals can organize such a business providing services in registration of foreign passports. For example, for a specific amount agree for you to carry documents, stand in queues and the like. But notice – the application for obtaining the biometric passport the person must submit in person. Or it can make the legal representative of the citizen, in the cases provided for by law. But does not the stranger and for it to ask.

How much is a biometric passport

From 1 July 2019 new cost of passports:

up to 20 working days:

  • 682 hryvnia (previously – 557 UAH 32 kopecks);

up to 10 business days:

  • 1034 hryvnia (previously – 810 UAH 32 kopecks).

The SMS also note – if you issue a passport through the consular service, you will pay an additional visa fee.

The term of issue

Ideally, statements about the design of the passport are considered within not more than 20 working days from the date of filing. Exception: for urgent processing (upon request of the person) the payment of double the amount of the registration fee and cost of the service up to 7 working days.

If the trip is associated with urgent treatment of departing, leaving the person who accompanies seriously ill, or death of a relative, who lived abroad,- within 3 working days.

However, the real time production of passports, unfortunately, sometimes very different from the above. So if you plan the trip, take care of the passport in advance.

The validity of biometric passports

It is issued for life, keep in mind. For people under the age of 16, a passport will be valid for 4 years, for people aged over 16 years – 10 years from the date of issue. Next – we need to draw it again.

Как получить биометрический заграничный паспорт: процедура, цены, нюансы

Как получить биометрический заграничный паспорт: процедура, цены, нюансы

Как получить биометрический заграничный паспорт: процедура, цены, нюансы