How to open a car if there is accidentally locked a child?

Как открыть автомобиль, если там случайно заперся ребенок?

The young passenger may accidentally lock the car door.

Sometimes unconfigured alarm gives false alarms and hits the locks, when you least expect them. Inside remain the keys bag with money and documents and even infants. How to rescue them from captivity?

Usually after you start the motor the driver always comes out of the opened machine. You need to pack and stow the cargo, to help his wife to put the child in a chair, inspect the tires, look under the hood and check the fluid. Casual cotton boot or kick the wheel to provoke the triggering of the security system and the locks are locked. Glass closed, the motor is working, and keys stuck in the ignition. This happens when the incorrect settings of the security system or when it is a failure.

And sometimes it happens that a child practically, accidentally presses the Central locking button and the car locked. Parents in a panic. How to open door in this case?

Senseless advice

On the Internet you can find a lot of people’s advice on how to open car without a key, but the vast majority of them are not working. For example, there is this counsel: “it is Necessary to pierce the ball for tennis hot screwdriver, then attach the hole to the keyhole and pump up to the castle the air to push constipation.” Of course, this “life hack” is not working.

Is meaningless and the Council to follow the example of the thieves from Hollywood movies about the road chase.

Find a ruler, stick it in the joint between the glass and the door panel is not as easy as it seems. Even harder something there for her to pick up. Not knowing the design of the castles and locks the driver is unlikely to cope with the task and lose time. And find flat stationery range is not always possible. Meanwhile, the child in a locked car is getting hot, he panics, wants out.

Additional key

The best way to open a locked car is to use the extra key. Usually it’s at home or the wife in her purse. If the car was locked in the yard, you can quickly get to the apartment and pick up the keychain. In addition, the city is able to call rescuers of the emergency number 112. But what if trouble has occurred in the country or long distance track in the way, for example to stop at the gas station? There will have to be more radical.

A push-up doors

If locked running car, all the system continue to operate, including working keys Windows. If they click, the glass will open and allow the driver to get inside. But how to reach them?

This can be done with the help of long sticks, rags, and a strong screwdriver flat-tip. Ask for help from passing drivers.

Usually has all the necessary tools. The thin stick is produced in a roadside ditch. After procuring these items, you can act.

Wrapped a piece of cloth screwdriver and pokes sting in the joint of a door at the edge adjacent to the pillar. This region can slightly squeeze and release the slot for feeding in the beauty of fine sticks. The main thing is not to damage the part of the paint coating and not to overdo it with force, otherwise you can make some dents. Usually the door is a little stubborn, and you receive the clearance. Pokes him with a stick and reach for the button window. Press and the window goes down down. The child is released.

The loop on the stick

If the motor is turned off or the vehicle is not equipped with power Windows, then open the car harder. As a rule, old models or the classic LADA was equipped with “soldiers” for locking from the inside. To pull up on the stick you need to tie a loop of strong thread or even thin wire. After push the door and the collar stick in the slot the loop is put on “soldier”, screwed to a strong lock lever and pulled up. Doors open.

To break glass

If you look for a stick once, and drivers with the tool is not around, will have to beat the glass. The main thing – to choose to sacrifice the less expensive item. For example, suitable neophocaena section in the back of the body. It can be quickly replaced, and in the future riding a window is easier to plug with rags. For goal suitable brick or metal object. Importantly, the fragments do not fall on the child and not hurt him.