How to overcome systematic drowsiness

Как побороть систематическую сонливость

Doctor Victoria Savitskaya told about the ways of dealing with drowsiness, which will not leave you throughout the day. Writes referring to Chronicle info.

So, the expert recommends that the first thing to pay attention to your diet. According to Victoria Savitskaya, it should be as “easy”. Because fatty foods and fast food the body requires a long processing. It spent a lot of energy. Therefore, forces from such a diet certainly not increase. It is necessary to pay attention to a number of foods that can raise your body’s level of “happiness hormones”. These could be considered the bananas, persimmons, broccoli, seaweed, eggplant, peppers, all citrus fruits and berries. If you do not overdo it with their eating, your stomach will not be burdened. Consequently, you will constantly be accompanied by the activity and vivacity.

In addition, Victoria Savitskaya encourages people to include in your diet seafood and nuts. They stimulate the brain and increase the disabled person. An important condition is the presence of Breakfast in the daily chart. It will help to run all processes in the body and to establish its coordinated work.