How to play video games without harm to health

Как играть в видеоигры без вреда для здоровья

Video games is a wonderful hobby. They are useful to those that develop motor skills, develop orientation skills in the area and can slow the development of dementia.

How to play video games without compromising your health, it brings only benefits and pleasure written Lifehacker.

Take care of the vision

If I stare at any screen, you start to blink less often, causing eye strain and worse moisturize. This can lead to headaches and dry eye.

However, for such cases there is usually 20-20-20: every 20 minutes you have 20 seconds to look at objects that are at a distance of minimum 6 meters.

Not to forget about it, you can put a timer or app download: 20 twenty 20 for Android and Eye Care 20 20 20 for iOS.

Think about the back

Sofas don’t really help with posture. However, if about it not to think, the body weight begins to incorrectly distributed across the spine. This would have serious back problems, blood circulation in the body, a malfunction of the internal organs and fatigue.

Buy furniture that will support your back, for example, a special gaming chair. So, it’s not cheap, but health is more expensive.

Periodically, stand up

Long sitting is equivalent to Smoking and obesity. In office workers and gamers increases pressure and cholesterol level, and fat on the sides.

Gotta get up at least once an hour for 10 minutes. You can just walk around the apartment, go to the store, take out the trash, wash the dishes – in General, any movement.

Как играть в видеоигры без вреда для здоровья

How to play video games

Don’t forget about your body

Physical activity is absolutely necessary to every person, no matter what they do. Players play for 8-12 hours a day and still take time to keep yourself physically fit.

Not necessarily go to the gym and to drive 7 pots. To keep the muscles and body in tone, enough to go Jogging at least once a week and do 10-15 push-UPS and sit-UPS a day.

In addition, doctors repeatedly emphasize that sport reduces stress, then the person has more energy. So if you feel chronic fatigue and therefore, tend not to physical exercise, pick one day and dedicate to the exercise or Jogging at least 30 minutes. Believe me, after that you will feel relief.

If you are keen gamers, can combine physical activity and a favorite hobby. For example, to go out with GO Pokemon to collect and train pokemon while running.

Your source of energy – food

In games it’s easy to spend a few hours forgetting about the needs of the body. However, at least once an hour take a break and check whether you have feelings of hunger or thirst. Irregular meals comes along with chronic diseases of the digestive system.

Give preference to full meals of vegetables, fruit or meat, not sandwiches or chips.

Sleep – the guarantee of health

Gamers often sacrifice sleep for the sake of games, going to bed in the morning. But then they deny your body and brain to relax. You may lack energy, which sooner or later will lead to stress.

In addition, it is better to finish the game in about an hour before bedtime. Studies show that people who play, sleep much longer. Video games stimulate the brain gameplay and colorful moving pictures. In addition, the monitor, phone or television enhances this effect with exposure to blue light.

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