How to prevent overeating

Как предотвратить переедание

Nutritionists talked about the methods of struggle with a systematic overeating. Writes referring to Chronicle info.

So, it’s very important that the conditions in which you consume food. Forget about meals on the couch, in bed, at the computer table. For a meal made up the kitchen. In addition, for the comfort of eating your favorite dishes invented the kitchen table. Please remember that there is a need in absolute silence. About any conversation at the table or watching your favorite TV series may not be considered. After all, the distraction, the person ceases to control the amount eaten.

Besides, take care of their dishes. If they attract you in their appearance, level of desire to put in a plate or even a piece of the stomach is reduced. And pay attention to what kind of dishes you eat. For example, it is necessary to remove sight of large plates. Then you will not want to fill them to the brim. Plays an important role and color of the dish. For example, plates blue, black, and gray help to reduce appetite. In turn, red and orange provoke eating without a trace.