How to protect parents from the scourge: in 2018 900 pensioners were victims of robbers and swindlers

Как уберечь родителей от напасти: в 2018 году 900 пенсионеров стали жертвами грабителей и мошенников

On the territory of Dnipropetrovsk region in 2018, recorded 107 cases of fraud against the people of a venerable age. And 782 of the fact of theft of personal property and money of pensioners

Militiamen appeal to the citizens of the region – explain to parents, neighbors about the most common schemes fraudsters and thieves.

The elderly are worth less to respond to suspicious phone calls, to trust strangers, to check the documents of visitors representing the employees of public utilities.

Most scammers and thieves are using “stories”:

it’s supposedly the law, and according to the son, grandson, etc. became responsible for road accident or criminal offense, and not to get on them criminal case, you need to pay the police, who come right under the house,

– someone’s at the door “social workers” who report on the monetary reform and real change money on a gift,

– representatives of “charities” sell retired products at a very low price due to the mythical sponsors and received an upfront payment, often considerable, disappear forever…