How to protect yourself from developing varicose veins in the cold season – 24 Channel

Як вберегти себе від розвитку варикозу у холодну пору року - 24 Канал

In the cold season increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Low temperatures can accelerate their development.

Writes about this doctor Victoria Savitskaya, informs, ГолосUA.

In order to avoid aggravating the vascular problems in the cold season, need to improve blood circulation.

The doctor recommended to relieve fatigue, feeling of heaviness and swelling, you should regularly exercise. In the absence of the ability to use the gym or pool, you need every day to do exercises, walk at a fast pace for 30 minutes. Walking tones and strengthens blood vessels.


If the legs are often swollen, you should consult on the appropriateness of compression hosiery.

Varicose veins – signs:

  1. knotted extensions of the saphenous veins;
  2. pain;
  3. heaviness in the legs;
  4. swelling of the foot and lower leg;
  5. fatigue in the legs.

Equally important in the prevention of varicose veins is diet. It must contain vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin C.

Vitamin D can strengthen bones and improve the musculature. Helps to withstand loads, good for the health of blood vessels. Contained in cod liver, mackerel, cheese and cottage cheese.

Good effect on blood clotting vitamin E, thus preventing the formation of blood clots. It is contained in vegetable oils, spinach.

Vitamin C reduces blood clotting and prevents dangerous thickening. This vitamin improves the condition of blood vessels. Vitamin C is in kiwi, sauerkraut, rosehips.

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