How to protect yourself from “Sunny wrinkles”

Как защититься от «солнечных морщин»

In Russia there is warm Sunny weather, and when we are able to take to the streets after the quarantine, there is an acute need for sunbathing. But it is important to protect the skin from direct rays in order to avoid the formation of premature wrinkles.

Drink more water. In the hottest weather you need to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Dehydration is very harmful to the skin, the body needs a constant flow of liquid.

Sunscreen. Proven and best way to protect from the sun’s rays in hot weather. Be sure to use sunscreen and do not consider that in the Russian reality with a minimum of Sunny days is no danger to our skin is not threatened. The sun has time to cause wrinkles and age over this period.

Hide from the sun. It is especially useful to stay in the shade between 10 am to 4 PM. During this period, the Orb gives us the most powerful portions of ultraviolet radiation that are dangerous to skin health and appearance.

Wear protective clothing. In hot Asian countries, people often wrap up from head to toe so that they leave uncovered one eye. Our tourists get surprised and wonder. Clothing protects the skin from burns and wrinkles.

Rose water. Make it a rule to carry in a handbag a bottle of rose water. Apply it on your skin regularly at certain intervals. It refreshes and softens the skin, writes The Health Site.