How to raise a successful and happy child – 24 Channel

Як виховати дитину успішною й щасливою - 24 Канал

For 70 years scientists have analyzed the data of nearly 70 thousand children studying the circumstances in which occurred the process of their education.

It turned out that the main factor that affects the future happiness and success of a child – kindness and active participation of parents in the life of her baby, says “Our mother”.

According to scientists, it is important that children learn first letters and numerals not from teachers or educators, but from mom or dad. It is also very useful for parents with children to read the book – then to 10 years the baby will be better developed than his peers, and this will affect the child’s performance in school.

In addition, the more successful and happy are those children whose parents nearly always take in guests and travel.

The researchers concluded that the more time you spend with the child and the more carefully you treat it the better the rest of her life in adulthood.


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