How to recognize cancer in the early stages

Как распознать рак на ранних стадиях

Doctors told how to detect cancer in the early stages of its development. Writes referring to the Chronicle. info.

First thing, please note if you have the so-called respiratory symptoms. It is, for example, the cough that occurs out of nowhere. In addition, the presence of cancer can speak with a hoarse voice. The visible change in cancer is shortness of breath. In addition, well examine your things. If they show signs of blood, this may indicate the occurrence of cancer. In such a manifested form of cancer of the stomach, uterus, intestines or lungs. Also note how quickly wounds heal on your body. If it lasts more than three weeks, it’s time to sound the alarm. Perhaps you are faced with skin cancer.

A lot about the state of your health will tell and moles. If they changed shape, color or size, it should immediately consult a doctor. As practice shows, that in 70% of cases and starts melanoma. Consequently, be more attentive to their health. If you have a sneaking suspicion that something is wrong, contact the experts. Remember: the earlier you detect disease, the easier it will be to cure.