How to recognize in man the alcoholic: four ways

Как узнать в человеке алкоголика: четыре способа

Alcoholism – a serious illness, which is difficult to treat without recognition of the problem of the patient and his desire to fight the disease.

The longer a person drinks, the harder it is to get rid of the dependence. Physicians published signs of incipient alcoholism, as in the beginning of the path to overcome the disease easier:

1. The person finds more and more reasons to drink. Someone begins to pass the Cup after a difficult working day, someone was more interesting to watch your favorite show with a jar-another of beer. Also people are finding more reasons to “celebrate” and “to wash”.

2. Addiction becomes a mystery. If you notice that the close starts to hide, to use so that its not noticed, is alert: before you is an obvious sign of disease.

3. To sacrifice Hobbies for the sake of alcohol. When people begin to abandon what they have liked in order to drink, you should speak to them.

4. Unsupervised use. If a person starts to drink more than usual, then you are faced with a difficult task: to convince him that he has serious problems with alcohol.