How to recognize vitamin deficiency

Как распознать дефицит витаминов

Lack of vitamins often diagnosed in the cold season, but not all can recognize. Scientists call signs, which can indicate deficiencies in the body that can be identified by their appearance.

First, the lack of vitamins affects the condition of hair and nails and is expressed in increased brittleness. This is due to the deficiency of Biotin and vitamin B7. Most often at risk are people who have addiction to alcohol and nicotine, as well as pregnant women.

The second symptom is mouth ulcers and cracks at the corners of the mouth that may be accompanied by dizziness, excessive tiredness, irritability and problems with sleep. If they are diagnosed, there is a lack of B vitamins and iron. If you started bleeding in the gums and on the skin appear blue spots, and he began to peel off, you should Supplement vitamin C.

Speaking on the condition of the hair, mention should be made of dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. Scientists say, their appearance is due to the lack of zinc and vitamins of group B. this is followed by the keratosis pilaris – red or whitish bumps on the skin.

Their origin is not completely known, but experts attribute this phenomenon to the deficiency of vitamins C and A. Closes the list of the signs of restless leg syndrome. In this case, you need to compensate for the lack of iron.