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Як відновитися після пологів: поради доули - 24 Канал

The period of 40 days after birth, which is to restore physiological and psychological. During this period a woman needs comfort, sense of security and safety, home support.

This is in exclusive comments Health 24 said Dole Tamara Andreeva.

She stressed that the first 40 days from childbirth should be a sacred cow: the mother it is important to free from household chores, to enjoy a child, a new condition. All of this will be a much better place, if there is organized support network – husband, friends, parents, if they support type of communication.

Як відновитися після пологів: поради доули - 24 Канал
Postpartum women need support and help

If the parents are authoritarian parenting style, with directivity and comparisons, it will be very traumatic for women. To such parents I would recommend a list of instructions. For example, the mother arrives and says: “Why do you have the baby in the hat” or “Why without a hat?”, or ” Why the floor is not washed?”, and you just say to him – “Mom, I need your help. Go to the store, I need this and this.” Because this mom is such the language of love. She says so not because bad, but because knows how to love. And it is important to take this
– said Dole.

Tamara Andreeva advised to seek support in the prenatal period. It is very important to relieve the woman walks with the baby so the mother had time for myself.

“Physiology – it is better to ask the gynecologist. But I do know that those secretions, which are the first 40 days – indicate the health of the woman. Monitor the color, odor, temperature. 42 days the woman listed at the maternity hospital where she gave birth, and in case of any moments she can apply there at any time of the day, “said Dole.

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