How to reduce the risk of heart diseases due to sedentary lifestyle

Как снизить риск возникновения сердечных заболеваний вследствие малоподвижного образа жизни

American scientists told how to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases due to sedentary lifestyle. Writes referring to Chronicle info.

In particular, this aspect was investigated by representatives of the American Cancer Association. In the process they have followed the health status of 53 thousand men and 70 thousand women. The study lasted for ten years. According to the information received, to reduce the likelihood of heart problems the person is obliged to alternate stay with walks in the fresh air. In a pinch, you can walk around the office. In addition, a person for daily activities should not forget about the schedule of the day. So, for example, to ignore the mandatory meals is strictly prohibited. However, the diet should be balanced and useful. But the snacks are best forgotten. If you completely abandon them is impossible, stock up on vegetables and fruits. After eating candy, chips and pastries to anything good will not.

Besides, once in a while people need to exercise. Experts urge opponents of the sport to perform them at least twice a week for half an hour. An important factor is weight control. Because, as you know, the extra pounds just bring you to serious diseases.