How to remove rust from a car body (PHOTO)

Как удаляют ржавчину с кузова автомобиля (ФОТО)

Even with proper care of the vehicle no one can guarantee that it will not rust. Car owners must not only be able to counteract the destructive corrosion processes in the Bud, ensuring the appropriate level of protection for the metal, but also in a timely manner and efficiently remove already formed a layer of rust.How to remove rust from the body automobilistic once and for all to understand that corrosion on the car body is the result of damage or significant weakening of the paint coating (LCP), which is the first and last line of defense of metal. That is why it is very important to monitor the condition of the paintwork, regularly check the most vulnerable places of the body, as in the case of damage to quickly restore coverage. Even a small chip or scratch can become a hotbed to launch destructive processes.

Regular washing the car and polishing the body, significantly extend the survival of paint. Don’t forget about the utility of fenders near the wheels. This simple accessory increases the effectiveness of protection of the paintwork from stones and caustic substances, flying off the road. If it did turn out to corrosion, it is necessary to do everything to deal with it as quickly as possible. You can use one of two main methods of struggle.

The first method is a mechanical removal of corrosion

Mechanical method of removing corrosion involves cutting and cleaning rust by using the right tools: files, sandpaper, grinders. Once oxidized metal is removed, you can proceed to the restoration work – to weld metal, the primer and a new layer of paint.

Method two – chemical corrosion removal

This method is implemented with the help of special chemical compounds. Place of corrosion processed materials that will facilitate subsequent machining or even completely remove corrosion from problem areas. The main advantage of this method is that it can be used in tight spaces. The disadvantages of chemical methods first and foremost is the fact that they are absolutely not suitable for large damaged areas.

Как удаляют ржавчину с кузова автомобиля (ФОТО)

Как удаляют ржавчину с кузова автомобиля (ФОТО)