How to remove the main Soviet horror movie

Как снимали главный советский фильм ужасов

In 1967, the screens out the first Soviet horror movie – Viy. “Rambler” will tell about how it was filmed.


For the female role of the Director chose the actress Alexander Zavyalov. However, barely begin to fulfill the role Pannochki, she was in the hospital. Once Zavyalova became better, she immediately rushed to the set. But her condition again deteriorated instantly. So the actress had to abandon filming.

After the incident, quickly spread rumors that the role of the witch in the new movie cursed. After a time, the role Pannochki agreed to play Jeanne Bolotov and Natalia Varley. Started to remove Bolotov, but she is too ill. So I started to work Varley. During filming Natalia was almost killed. Mounting, which she was wearing under the white hoodie, weakened. From three-meter height, the actress fell down. It could end sadly, if not at the bottom stood Leonid Kuravlev, the performer of the Homa.

Black cats

Black cats who took part in the filming of the movie, went to the team inherited from picture “Black kitten”. These cats were filmed by Leonid Gaidai in the film “Ivan Vasilyevich changes a profession” and “the diamond arm”. In “Viy” at the cats wore special hats with horns. The animals were forced to jump from the hill to in-flight to remove their eerie shadows on the wall.

More animals

For the film “Viy” was used about 50 crows. Birds pre-trapping in the yard of “Mosfilm”. The film also participated bats and owls I worked with the trainer Tariel Gabidzashvili.


Most of the filming took place in Ukraine, Ivanovo-Frankivsk and Chernihiv regions. Many scenes were filmed in the wooden Church of the Holy virgin in the village horokholyn Lis. In 2006, it burned to the ground.