How to restore the gut after taking antibiotics

Как восстановить кишечник после приема антибиотиков

It is no secret that antibiotics have a devastating effect on the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract. To restore the normal functioning of the intestine, the most important in building a strong immune system of the body is important to build your diet. How to do it told by a doctor-nutritionist, anti-aging-specialist, General Director of the clinic of aesthetic medicine Natalia Grigorieva.

To normal power should return gradually. Do not overload the stomach, because antibiotics seriously “beat” enzyme system., therefore, overloading the stomach is not worth it. The first time after taking antibiotics should not be abused raw fruits and vegetables. It is important to enter in the daily menu a little animal protein, and over time, to increase the amount of fat.

It is mandatory inclusion in the diet of dairy products should be consumed during the month after taking antibiotics.

“And do not be afraid that the beneficial microorganisms contained in yogurt will be killed in the gastric juice. Indeed, for most bacteria, acidic environment of the stomach is fatal. But in dairy products added to strains resistant to action of gastric juice. Just remember, yogurt or kefir is better to drink after a meal, when the stomach is filled with food. In this case, most of the beneficial bacteria will reach the intestines intact,” – said Grigoriev.