How to say goodbye to excess weight by using exercise bike

Как навсегда распрощаться с лишним весом с помощью велотренажера

Overweight or problem areas – common problems of many people, the cause of which is a sedentary lifestyle. Want to add movements to your daily life with the maximum benefit for health and body? Exercise bike – great sports instrument to study problem areas and get rid of excess weight. Pedaling you can in the gym or in the comfort of your own home. The main thing – correctly to draw up a programme of activities, taking into account their strength and level of fitness.

5 rules to lose weight with exercise bike

To get rid of excess weight, to bring the body to tone and improve the condition of skin and hair, normalize the functioning of the heart and lungs the cardio will solve any of the tasks. You need a clear statement of purpose, regularity and, of course, faith in own success. The result will not take long, if you put a little effort and patience to acquire. How fast will leave weight? There are no exact figures, it is not only the intensity and frequency of training on the bike that affect performance. Consider the individual characteristics of the organism: one able to lose weight faster while others slower burn calories. For the month of systematic training at an average pace you can lose from 3 to 5 pounds. Yes, it’s not much, but your body will not experience stress from sudden weight loss, and to maintain the obtained result is not difficult. At the initial stage of achievements, as a rule, higher, then become less noticeable, but the shape of your body continues to improve.

  1. The choice of cardiobiology. Today’s market offers vertical and horizontal models. The second option is suitable for people who have diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Spin training is at rest, and the work included only the legs. If you don’t have back problems – choose vertical cardio. Slimming suit units with any kind of loads: mechanical, magnetic, electromagnetic. If you are tired of searching the right equipment, want to buy quality product – buy in specialized points of sales. In Ukraine to buy a bike in the shop Inter Atletika, where you will definitely find “the one,” cardio, which will become your faithful companion in the struggle with excess weight.
  2. Intensity. All depends on the goal: to get rid of “orange peel”, to give a seductive relief buttocks and thighs, burn maximum amount of calories (of course, without fanaticism). Bring the body into a stage of active work, if your goal is to throw a couple of pounds. Speed training require considerable expenditure of energy, then the weight will go faster. To keep the body in shape enough veloezdy at a moderate pace.
  3. The frequency and duration of training on the exercise bike. How often do you need to pedal to achieve the desired result? If you every day for a couple of hours sweating on the treadmill, and folds at the waist, “sit” still, you must be doing something wrong. Experienced trainers who know a lot about proper preparation of training programs, it is recommended to exercise in a day the duration from 40 minutes to an hour.
  4. Technique. The design and functionality of modern bicycles is left to chance. What is required of you? Choose the right mode and load increase in accordance with the increase of your level of training. The parameters of the classes are displayed on the integrated display unit: pulse, length of the distance traveled, speed and amount of energy consumed. To monitor the performance of their achievements and health status – simple.
  5. Food. If you do not follow your own diet, lose weight will be difficult. Sometimes people encourage yourself with a muffin or chocolate bar for effective training. But you eat that overthrew, if not more. What kind of results can we talk?! A balanced diet is one of the components of the ingredients necessary for modeling of the body. Include in the diet more fruits, vegetables, drink water, and intake of bakery products and sweets minimize.

For effective home exercise bike you can buy in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. Study regularly, do not stop before difficulties and for all say goodbye to excess weight!