How to sharpen scissors: 3 simple improvised way

Как быстро заточить ножницы: 3 простых подручных способа

In each house there are very important and need “helpers”, some of which are a pair of scissors. Here we talk about them today.

The scissors we use not only for craft, without them life is simply not conceivable.

Every house, every housewife have available not one, but several pair of scissors, and I am no exception. Scissors large and small, manicure kits, hair cutting, cooking in the kitchen, for sewing and cutting of different fabrics, for crafts, etc.

We get used to their tools, they become your favorite and irreplaceable and if lost, broken or blunt, are experiencing, does not want to leave and change to a new one. Because you need time to get used to the new, I don’t know about you, but I for example, each time picking up new and worked a little, again take up the old, and I think better than them, no shear. A throw away blunt scissors, besides, there is the problem of choice, because now, in our time very difficult to buy something worthwhile, high-quality, everywhere Chinese fake.

But the old blunt scissors, you can recover life, and you will not need to part with them. Scissors can easily be sharpened independently, without special grinding fixtures that not everyone knows how to use it. I don’t trust anyone your favorite scissors. Here’s an example, my husband, if he asks you to sharpen on the machine, it will only spoil and they completely stop cutting, throw away though, so I accustomed myself to revive their tools.

I know a few simple and effective ways which always are and remain satisfied.

Always keep the sandpaper with a fine grit

Just take and cut the paper into small strips, making 30 -40 incisions, do not forget to flip the paper to a scissors blade sharpened evenly, or fold the paper in half, then when cut, will be sharpened from two sides, and will take less time.

If sandpaper is not at hand, I comes to the aid of the foil which copes with this problem

Turn the paper into 8-10 pieces and do 40 -45 cuts into thin strips, enough for the scissors salicylici.

But this method I use the most, you can say constantly. For sharpening I use stodolou needle or sewing needle, you can also use a needle for knitting.

Hold the tips of the scissors and the needle with little effort pushed the scissors and move back and forth from tip to middle. After that, wipe the scissors with a cloth to remove accumulated particles and cut paper to smooth out the bumps.

Here are some simple ways I know. Each family has its own tools and ways to sharpen scissors. For example, my neighbor sharpens scissors around the neck of a glass bottle, however I have never used this method.