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Як прискорити схуднення проблемних зон: лайфхак - 24 Канал

The hardest to remove fat on the thighs and flanks, but apart from proper training to expedite the process, a special massage brush.

Experts recommend after a workout to massage a dry brush. But after this massage, you still do the scrubbing and take a contrast shower passes Some.

These simple procedures can help increase blood circulation in problem areas and to accelerate the burning of fat in few times. For massage, choose a dry brush with natural bristles.

To massage the brush to a circular motion from the bottom to the top. Pay special attention to problem areas. And don’t forget – the skin should be pink but not red. To achieve maximum effect, do this massage after every workout.

Why do more massage with a dry brush – read the link.

Як прискорити схуднення проблемних зон: лайфхак - 24 Канал

Massage a dry brush will help you quickly lose weight and to get rid of cellulite

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