How to steal the music of the Soviet composers: the most striking examples of plagiarism

Как воровали музыку советские композиторы: самые яркие примеры плагиата

In the Soviet Union and then boasted of the achievements of socialism, not forgetting to criticize worth the decadent West. Athletes, we had a very strong and fast weapon – the most powerful food – the most delicious, and art is most meaningful and far-reaching, says boom.

The country never felt a deficit in the availability of creative people. They did really great works, but did not always fair. Loved composers mildly inspired by Western melodies.

Plagiarism, which is so scare of modern students, was widespread. Let’s look at the most egregious examples of stealing someone else’s music.

Isaak Dunayevsky “the Songs Jolly fellows”

In 1934 came the first Soviet musical Comedy “Jolly fellows”, which quickly gained popularity across the country. The composer Isaak Dunaevsky has written a seemingly brilliant song soon sang each kid.

The original from which the musician shamelessly, almost completely copied the motif came out back in Mexico 20 years earlier. The recording of the song La Adelita brought the Soviet Directors Eisenstein and Aleksandrov after a trip to Latin America in the 1930s.

Raymond Pauls Vernissage

The song “Vernissage” in the performance of Laima Vaikule from time to time sounds from the speakers of lovers of the Russian radio to this day. Sweet melody and touching words, sunken into the soul of the listeners.

Only the fans of Julio Iglesias immediately noticed the blatant plagiarism in the “Vernissage” with his songs A Veces Tu, A Veces Yo. Stripped, as they say, a blueprint.

Jan Frankel “Waltz of parting”

Romance of Pavel Lyubimov “Women” with Nina Sazonova in the title role was at the top of the Soviet film distribution in 1966. This success contributed written by Ian Frenkel song “Waltz of separation”.

Moviegoer is unlikely to have been familiar with the Austrian violinist Fritz Kreisler, who in 1905 became the author of the work “love Pangs”. Look, really similar.

Edita Pieha “Gorod detstva”

In 1968, pop singer first performed the song “City of childhood”, which later became a cult classic and perebivalis many local artists.

The author of the poems was Robert Christmas, but who wrote the music for the song? It turned out that it was shamelessly stolen from a song by the American Greenfields the Brothers Four.

Alexandra Pakhmutova’s “Tenderness”

Famous all over the Union, Alexander Pahmutova has released new melodies, if produced on a printing press. When time was running out, the lady resorted to drastic measures – taking little-known in the Homeland the song and did the arrangement.

Performed by Maya Kristalinskaya “Tenderness” is remarkably similar to Simple Symphony by British composer Benjamin Britten as melody and rhythm.

Eugene Krylatov “Flying over Moscow”

Composer, wrote the music for the cult children’s science fiction film “guest from the future”, and even encroached on the sacred, lamzev tune to the Paul McCartney song Yesterday.

Clear plagiarism are heard especially if you compare “Flying over Moscow” with the execution Yesterday of the legendary Elvis Presley.

Plagiarism is enough in modern art. Especially a lot of imitations of the fruits of intellectual labor appeared in the era of the global Internet. In the USSR simply was not much information to compare the works for authenticity.

Как воровали музыку советские композиторы: самые яркие примеры плагиата

Как воровали музыку советские композиторы: самые яркие примеры плагиата