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Як зупинити старіння тіла: вчені відкрили ефективний метод - 24 Канал

The researchers have managed to wear out mice and to rejuvenate them, controlling the activity of genes in the mitochondria.

Such a property was discovered by scientists from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, said in an article with study results in the journal Cell Death & Disease.

They have contributed to the mitochondrial DNA of rodents mutation that affects the gene POLG, which encodes the enzyme DNA polymerase gamma. This compound is localized in the mitochondria and is involved in the replication and repair of mitochondrial DNA.

Damage POLG gene cause the dysfunction of mitochondria, in particular, dysfunction of oxidative phosphorylation (a major component of cellular respiration), which contributes to a less efficient zaputanny energy. And this leads to the development of signs of aging – wrinkles, hair loss and more.

In the fertilized egg of mice, the researchers made an additional copy of the gene POLG mutation. This defective DNA begins to participate in the production of polymerase in the presence of the antibiotic doxycycline (semisynthetic antibiotic).


Doxycycline started to add food and water genetically modified animals when they were 8 weeks. After 2 weeks of antibiotic in the mice began to show signs of aging. Black fur began to turn gray and fall out, skin to get wrinkled and the spine – skillopedia.

Eliminate the consumption of doxycycline that block the activity of mutant copies of the gene POLG, increased the content of mitochondrial DNA. This contributed to the decline and almost complete disappearance of the symptoms of aging in rodents.

This observation of the process of rejuvenation in mice while restoring mitochondrial function was held for the first time.

What is the mitochondria? It domobrana organelle, is present in most eukaryotic cells. They are also called “cellular power plants” because they convert nutrient molecules into energy through oxidative phosphorylation.

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