How to survive a hot summer: TOP 7 tips

Как пережить жаркое лето: ТОП-7 советов

In June, forecasters expect the abnormally hot weather, which will be replaced by protracted rains. That will help to overcome the summer heat?

Drinking regime

The higher the temperature, the hotter body, so intense he sweats and loses water, on average 30% more than usual. Therefore, to compensate for the fluid deficit is extremely important. Today, doctors recommend drinking water at the rate of 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight, not a 1.5 l a day, as claimed previously in the literature.

Accordingly, if for a woman with a body weight of 50 kg and a half liters of water a day is enough for ladies, which is 60 kg, the rate is 1.8 L. Men should drink at least 2-2,5 liters per day.

The daily volume of water not included drinks such as teas. By the way, to drink tea during the hot period even recommend, at the time, as the icy water opposite – I do not advise. The fact that warm drinks are better cool the body.

Is to brew herbal tea, useful to drink green tea.

Ideal for drinks or water at room temperature, drink small SIPS. From sweet carbonated drinks in the heat of summer it is necessary to abandon completely.


In the summer 50% of daily diet should be fruits and vegetables, many of which are watery, and so indirectly replenish the amount of fluid in the body.

Preference should be given to seasonal produce, to eat less oily, sweet, sour, salty and spicy dishes, the servings of meat should be kept to a minimum. In the heat of summer well tolerated dairy products, but should carefully monitor their quality as they are perishable.

The person will be helpful to control your diet if he ate a lot of fatty or sweet or just overeaten, then the amount of fluid intake should be increased.

In the heat of summer say “no” to junk food.

The temperature control

Indoor comfort is air temperature +18…+24C, while the humidity should not exceed 40-60%. It is important to avoid drafts.

Special attention is paid to the air conditioning in the house. Many people forget that air conditioners only cool the air, but it did not refresh. So all rooms in a house should be systematically ventilated.

Is under the direct jet from the air conditioner is fraught with colds, and hypothermia can provoke even serious disease. When setting the temperature on the air conditioner are oriented to the street, and set with a difference within 10 degrees below.

On the street is comfortable when the arrow of the thermometer stopped at +28C, if the temperature more, ideally it is better to limit sun exposure and not to hold in the heat, no work.

If this is not possible, to work under the scorching sun must intermittently. For example, after the 20-minute work to do the 10-minute time-out. One and a half hours longer in the active sun is dangerous for health.

The peak of solar activity from 11:00 to 16:00.

Water treatment, hygiene

You know that sweat itself has no odor, but after its isolation and mixing with toxins and bacteria on the skin’s surface, it acquires an unpleasant odor. In the summer heat, the required daily water treatments using natural cosmetics, PH – 5.5.

In summer, the risk of intestinal infections. Therefore, wash hands not only before eating, but apart from this several times a day. Products use only fresh, with a good shelf life.

Exception/minimize the use of alcohol

Spirits in the heat should categorically excluded. If drinking alcohol, then dry wines that are allowed to breed non-carbonated water. Favorite Beers are the stronger sex and women it is better to drink champagne when the heat subsides. The fact that these drinks are absorbed lightning fast into the bloodstream, causing sweating results in dehydration.

What to wear in the heat on the street

The right clothes in the heat is the key to health, and that means buying summer clothes looking at the quality of the material. It is preferable to wear clothes made of cotton, flax or silk boxy.

Because the blood vessels of the brain are sensitive to direct sunlight, with an obligatory stay in the heat under the sun – the presence of headgear.

Girls can accentuate the unique style with beautiful hats of any style, men wear a bandana, a cap with a long visor or a hat with a narrow brim.


Pre-season is to acquire 2 main accessory – the fan and the umbrella. The first is a functional accessory that helps to cool the face, neck, shoulders – the most vulnerable part of the body. Will be appropriate for summer beautiful parasol pastel shades, which will not only be a part of the image, but also save you from the scorching sun. A summer essential and a beach umbrella, it can be installed in the yard or summer cottage.

A separate place in the list of accessories is sunglasses. Interestingly, this accessory was used first in the far North, with their help, the hunters were protecting eyes from the blinding sunlight that was reflected from the snow. Good sunglasses have a high degree of UV protection, also will be protected from possible diseases of the eye.

The signs of heat stroke, how to help with heat stroke

Heatstroke is the body’s reaction to the sudden increase in temperature.

The symptoms of heat stroke:

body skin is red, can be hot and dry;

shortness of breath, in breathing;

felt weakness, dizziness, there are visual hallucinations (“goosebumps” in front of the eyes, etc.);

or Vice versa becomes frequent, weak pulse.

sick or starts vomiting;

in severe cases, loss of consciousness occurs.

What to do in heat stroke:

immediately call a physician;

before arrival of physicians, to provide cooling of the body, move to a cool place;

to be in a horizontal position on the back (if you throw to put the patient to lie on side);

loosen tight clothing, ensure fresh air;

placed on the forehead and the back of the head under cold compresses to wipe the face and neck with cool water, you can take a cool bath.