How to take the refrigerator – tips for choosing

Какой взять холодильник – советы по выбору

Only 7 days left until the end of the promotion for Hitachi refrigerator in the store comfy under which the buyer has 3 year full warranty. 10 years on the smart inverter compressor, which prolongs the life of the engine, gives the manufacturer.

Interesting promotional offers apply to refrigerators of other brands, e.g. Samsung – when you purchase given 5 years full warranty. But, in spite of which brand you prefer, the main thing is to choose the model. This will allow not to pay, and then enjoy her for many years.

What to look for when buying

Experts recommend to consider a number of parameters.

The type of model


  • Freestanding fridges. They can be of different sizes and shapes, including wide, narrow. Manufactured in a variety of colors, so you can choose the color for any interior. Some manufacturers and even offer the options, the design of which can be changed. So, some Bosch models included are metal facades of different colours, from bright to nadovich, which are attached with invisible hooks and magnets.
  • Embedded. They don’t have the interesting appearance of the body, because “hiding” in the kitchen cupboard. The main advantage of this solution is the ability to make the technique invisible. Moreover, the decorative panels improve the noise (fridge runs more quietly), thermoregulation (the walls keep the desired temperature in the chamber, and the technique consumes less power).

Another advantage of embedded models is that they take up less space, allowing you to save space.

The number and volume of chambers

Was popular back in the single chamber model – they only have a freezer (often established and even the freezer). Now you can choose:

  • Two-chamber technique. It has refrigeration and freezers. Capacity and layout may be different in European freezer is at the bottom that allows you to make it more voluminous. In Asian layout from the bottom of the refrigerator (these models are usually cheaper) in the us – both cameras are side by side (freezer on the left usually), but this model is designed for large kitchens.
  • Trilocular. In addition to refrigeration and freezing, there are still the crisper drawer (compartment for perishable products, where the temperature is kept close to 0 °C).
  • Multicam. In such models – more than 3 cameras. For example, there is also wine and 2 the crisper (“dry” and “wet”).

The volume may be 100-400 l and more. But consider that he is a General and useful (determined by the number of products that can be placed in the fridge). By the way, the camera is jam score is not recommended – the food longer were stored, the air must circulate.

When choosing a freezer shall also consider at its minimum temperature. Usually it is denoted as an asterisk “*”:

  • One “*” means that retained temperature to-6 °C and for longer than a week products in a freezer store is not worth it.
  • Two “*” means that the temperature can drop to -12 °C and it is a month of safe food storage.
  • Three “*” indicates that the temperature can drop to -18 °C, while the freezer can keep foods for up to 90 days.
  • Four “*” mean that the minimum temperature is at least -24°C for a period of 6-12 months.

Defrost system

Most common drip. While the rear picks up moisture (and in the freezer – ice), which flows down into a special compartment, from where it evaporates. But there is No Frost. In this case there is a fan that blows the moist air at the evaporator. Because of this in the fridge on all shelves are maintained approximately the same temperature (the difference does not exceed a few degrees, while with drip system it can reach 6°C).

Other options

Also pay attention to the energy class: A – very economical and A+++ is the most economical. Another point is the type of engine. It is better to choose models with the inverter because they save energy, have a greater resource. Someone can be important additional features of the refrigerator with the antibacterial coating, mode superzamorozki, protection from power surges or from children (when the control panel is hidden), etc.