How to vote for the party in the broadcast of the national selection for Eurovision-2020

On Saturday, February 8th, starts the first semifinal of the National selection for Eurovision 2020. For the victory will compete with 8 players, three of them will reach the final, which will take place on February 22. Two semi-finals and final of the National selection will be broadcast by TV channels and the STB UA: First.

Fixed lead National selection for Eurovision 2020 will be Sergey Prytula. To the celebrity judges joined Danilko, Tina Karol and Vitaly Drozdov.

In the first semi-final for the victory will fight such 8 music artists:

1. [O]

2. Jerry Heil

3. Katya Chilly


5. Go-A


7. GIO

8. Assol

Как проголосовать за участника в эфире Нацотбора на Евровидение-2020

Как проголосовать за участника в эфире Нацотбора на Евровидение-2020

The list of participants of the first selection

After all 8 participants will present their music, the host announced start of the opening lines to vote. To cast your vote for the participant you prefer, send an SMS with the code participant to the number 7766 (the cost of one message is 0, 94 UAH). The participant code is the sequence number of the performance.

Please note that to cast a vote for their favourite performer with one phone number only once.

After the vote, scores of spectators and the jury are summarized. Three members of the National selection for the Eurovision song contest that will score the highest number of points will automatically advance to the finals. If two participants have the same number of points, then the final will be the one who has more points from the audience.