How to warm up the automatic transmission in the cold for long and trouble-free operation

Как прогреть коробку-автомат в мороз для долгой и исправной работы

Due to the fact that interest in cars with the automatic transmission continues to grow, and this transmission requires a special treatment, the experts shared their experience. Experts told how to warm up the automatic transmission at -30, so she worked for a long time.

It is noteworthy that at the moment the debate about the necessity of warming up the engine am still, the same applies to the additional heating automatic transmission. Important heating of the transmission oil that provides smooth operation of the box.

Some believe that the automatic transmission is automatically heated with the engine and does not require additional manipulations. Other suggest hold down the brake and gradually incorporate all the modes of the drive to the pump, dispersed oil, which will lead to smooth operation of the box.

In turn, the mechanics noted that this is not a very effective way and suggest after warming up the engine, start moving, however, the first kilometer it is important to go slowly and not exceed 3 thousand. per minute.