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Чим корисне пиво: несподівана відповідь вчених - 24 Канал

Beer can be good for health. In particular, the German scientists discovered in the composition of this intoxicating drink two substances that have a positive effect on the human body.

To such conclusion scientists from the German medical University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, reports a press-service of the University.

The researchers found that the hops used to make beer contains a useful chemical compound xanthohumol and ISO-alpha-bitter acid.

According to scientists, xanthohumol helps to avoid fatty steatosis (fatty liver) and prevent the appearance of scars on the tissues of the body and prevents the formation of cancer cells and weight gain.


At the same time, ISO-alpha-bitter acids that can inhibit the development of liver damage have a positive effect on glucose metabolism and fat metabolism.

At the same time, scientists have noted that the therapeutic effect can only give a non-alcoholic beer.

The positive effect is achieved due to the consumption of non-alcoholic beer or other foods and beverages containing hops. Especially for the treatment or prevention of liver damage due to obesity, xanthohumol and-alpha-acids seem to be very promising
– said Professor Klaus Hellerbrand.

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